women working out at the baths


An undergarment called the tunica interior or intima, or, as it was also called, interala or indusium, was worn next the skin. Beneath that women wore brassieres, called strophium or mammilare, made of soft leather. Thetunica interior was closed all round except for the armholes and neckline, with short sleeves. It was of the same width throughout, and reached to the feet.

This was the matrona's house dress, and was at first made of wool; as time went on, however, it was usually of cotton or silk, or even, especially in the late days of the Empire, of transparent "Coan" material. In the case last mentioned it was long and full, and had a long train, and was worn sometimes with a girdle and sometimes without. In most cases it was adorned at the shoulders with clasps or buttons.