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Women's Footwear

On the whole the footwear of the women was like that of the men, but showed less variety. They preferred sandals and shoes that did not come above the ankles to boots reaching higher up the calf. They naturally paid even more attention than the men to daintiness of appearance, and their shoes were not only trimmed with gold, but embroidered with pearls and similar ornamentation.

Women, like men, wore soleae (house slippers) indoors, calcei outdoors. Shoes for women were of thinner leather than for men, and for fine ladies were made in colors: red, green, pale yellow, and, especially, white. The Emperor Aurelian championed women's footwear fashions by forbidding men to wear red, yellow, white, or green shoes. These colors were reserved for women only.Female slaves went barefoot or wore soleae.