Apply to Join Gens Sempronia

Before submitting the forms to become a civis NovaRomani in Gens Sempronia, we recommend that you become familiar with the Nova Roma web site. In particular, we advise that you read the Nova Roma Constitution and the Frequently Asked Questions section.

We also suggest that you study On Choosing a Roman Name and this censorial edicta. Also, consult the names of historical Sempronii here at this site.

The Nova Roma New Citizen application is a three-part process:

  1. On the initial page, you will provide personal information about yourself and your interests. be assured that this information is kept completely private, and the censors do not release or sell your data.
  2. On the next page of the application, you will be able to choose Gens Sempronia.
  3. Finally, on the third page, you will complete the process of choosing a Roman name by adding a praenomen and cognomen, if you wish. If you need help or inspiration, look at some of the names of famous Sempronii elsewhere on this site.

Ready? Apply to join Gens Sempronia!