About Gens Sempronia

Gens Sempronia in History

The historical Sempronii were a wealthy and extremely ancient family, originally of patrician stock and Etruscan origin. The Sempronii were blessed with several consuls and censors during the Republic, and after the patrician Sempronius Atratinus line died out, the plebeian branch came to the forefront of history's stage in the twilight years of the Republic.

Without a doubt, Gens Sempronia's most famous sons were two young men cruelly murdered in the twilight years of the Republic: Tiberius and Caius Sempronius Gracchus, sons of Tiberius Senior and Cornelia, called the Mother of the Gracchi.

Reverse Coin 148 BCE 'Gracchus'Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and younger brother, Caius, stepped onto the stage of history between 137-121 BCE at a time when civil unrest presaged the civil war that would ultimately bring the downfall of the Republic. Both served under their cousin, C. Scipio Aemilianus (adopted grandson of Scipio Africanus), both attacked the status quo and both fell, murdered by their political opponents.

The modern Gens Sempronia

Gens Sempronia was refounded on the Kalends of Junius 2753 A.V.C. by Tiberius Sempronius Licinius. He was joined by Ambrosius Sempronius Silvus on A.D. XIV Kalendas Ivlivs and on A.D. XV Kalendas Aprilis.

, Materfamilias

Since she became a civa NovaRomani, has served as Rogatrix for the year 2755 A.V.C. She is currently praetrix of provincia America Boreoccidentalis and scriba to the censores and the Nova Roma Curator Araneum.

Decimus Sempronius Faustinius

Decimus Sempronius Faustinius hails from the province of Lacus Magni. He is Vexillar in Legio XIV based in Milwaukee and was accepted into Gens Sempronia on 22 September 2756.

Marcus Sempronius Sophus

Marcus Sempronius Sophus is the proud husband of Arnamentia Moravia Aurelia. He became a civis NovaRomani in gens Sempronia on 4 Dec 2756. He has been active in Legio II Augusta in Portland, Oregon, but has laid down his gladius and picked up a stylus, preparing for an advanced degree.

Gaius Sempronius Octavianus

Gaius Sempronius Octavianus hails from the province of Lacus Magni. He was accepted into gens Sempronia on 8 Feb. 2757.

Gaius Sempronius Octavianus

Gaius Sempronius Octavianus hails from the province of Lacus Magni. He owns his own design firm and loves Roman art, cuisine, and history.

Gaius Sempronius Rufus

Gaius Sempronius Rufus, also from provincia Lacus Magni, is slogging through his psychology degree. He is a great support to his partner, Sempronius Octavianus' design firm. His interests include the Religio, politics, culture, reenactment, history, and Latin.

Gaius Sempronius Salvator Skudaarius

Gaius Sempronius Salvator Skudaarius hails from Provincia Mediatlantica (somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania). He is descended from a long line of Italians and Sicilians directly traceable back to an ancestor who lived during the reign of Julius Caesar.

Lucius Sempronius Victorinus

Lucius Sempronius Victorinus is a vir militarius, serving in the US Air Force and stationed presently in provincia Germania. He descends on the maternal side from the strong root stock of Sicilia, and he's taken advantage of his location in beautiful downtown Europe to visit Rome at least once. In addition, Lucius studies Latin, and is interested in reviving Latin to a living language once again. He is interested likewise in Roman culture and history.

Aulus Sempronius Iustus

Aulus Sempronius Iustus became a citizen on the Ides of Maius, 2757 AVC. He hails from Provincia Britannia, where he lives with his fiance? and children. Aulus studied Latin at school for seven years and his chief areas of interest are the Latin language and the political system of the Roman republic, and in particular how the Religio interacts with the Religio Romana.

Lucius Sempronius Tacitus

Lucius Sempronius Tacitus received his Nova Roman citizenship on 29 Quintilus 2757 AUC. He is from Provincia America Boreoccidentalis. His interests include Latin, reenactment, history and politics.

Hadrianus Sempronius Oceanus

Hadrianus Sempronius Oceanus was made a citizen on 17 Sextilis, 2757 AVC. He is from America Austroccidentalis.

Iusta Sempronia Iustina

Iusta Sempronia Iustina was granted citizenship on 15 Septembris 2757 AVC and lives in the far north of Provincia America Boreoccidentalis. She is interested in the Religio Romana.

Tiberia Sempronia Modesta

Tiberia Sempronia Modesta became a civa NovaRomani on 14 Octobris 2757 AVC. She is is from Provincia America Boreoccidentalis. She has a longstanding interest in the Religio Romana and philosophy, likes Roman myths and is enrolled in the Religio Romana course at the Academia Thules.