Food & Drink

At twilight, around the eighth or ninth hour , the family gathered for supper, the largest meal of the day. Usually the cena was quite simple, nothing like the large banquets or conviviums held for clients and special guests.

In early times the fare often matched the austerity of Republican Rome: soups made of grains, milk, cheese, fresh or dried fruit, and perhaps a bit of bacon.

As the empire expanded and new sources of food became available, soups and cereals were replaced by breads and meats for those who could afford such delicacies.

Sources: , by Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa

Everyday Menu


  • Green & black olives
  • Sausages

Mensa Prima

  • Chicken Fronto

Mensa Secuvnda

  • Fresh Fruit
Quince Patina