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AncientWorldsYes! AncientSites has been reborn, thank to one of the founders and creators of that legendary game/mystery SPQR. The subscription site has been launched and is attracting newcomers and old-timers alike. Perhaps some day we shall see a similar rebirth of the game we all loved.

Roma Resurgens! Nova Roma

Nova RomaDedicated to restoring those fine Roman values: Dignitas, Humanitas, Pietas, Comitas and more. Over 1,500 cives throughout the world.


Opportunities for speaking Latin in the Pacific Northwest (in Latin and English)

Encyclopaedia Romana

ER Bookmark and consult this award-winning encyclopaedia on the history and culture of ancient Rome. Work of several years, this is an outstanding resource, beautifully designed and illustrated, with excellent content.

Lex Antica

This is an outstanding web site by one of my oldest amicae on Roman law. A must see!

Julius Caesar

CaesarA truly outstanding first Web site by my old amica, Heraklia, this comprehensive Web site takes the reader from youth to consulate, through battles and civil reforms. Of particular interest as well are Caesar's contemporaries: Pompey, Cicero, Brutus, Antony, Cato, et al.


A compendium of the many excellent articles Cornellia wrote for AncientSites and the AncientVine. People and places from five ancient cultures around the Mediterranean, this is indeed a delightful bunch.

Help for SPQR fans


Over VI years have passed since I discovered S.P.Q.R. on the Internet, hosted at Time-Warner Pathfinder. A community of dedicated afficianados assisted each other with the knottiest puzzles, and that archive of hints and tips was lost for a great while, until one of the original patrones conscripti deciphered the code and restored the history. Now that all hints are back in their glory, I am retiring the chapter hints I long held here in trust, and join my fellow original fans in saying, "gratias tibi ago" to Festus Didius for this service to Rome.

SPQR Companion

FeAudrey Pinguinus, first matrona of Rome, has maintained this definitive site for links to Roman Resources and SPQR spoilers for a number of years. The SPQR Companion offers links to pages on daily life, calendars, Roman names, and almost always has FeAudrey's own holiday write-ups.

SPQR Walkthrough

SPQRThis site is not as scenic as my old amica's "Unofficial SPQR Walkthrough, but it does appear to give both gentle hints and outright answers.

Lacking other walkthrough sites, I will list it!