Salve! It is I, Julilla Sempronia.

About Villa Julilla

I began these pages sometime in the year MMDCCLII A.U.C. (or MCMXCVI for you modernists). I was inspired by a number of things: the enthralling on-line game/mystery tale S.P.Q.R. whetted my love of history, and my fellow enthusiasts/Roman cives challenged me with the excellence of their own works. Chief among these is my amicus, L. Aelius Stilo, whose magnum opus, the Encyclopedia Romana is outstanding, and a truly scholarly endeavor.

I confess that, lacking a central idea or theme, I simply wrote about various aspects of Roman daily life that captured my interest.

When, soon after the founding of AncientSites, the on-line community created by S.P.Q.R.'s creators, I began working remotely with members of the community, I was excited by the unfolding of 'living history' tableaux on the Internet; however, my own time for expanding the Villa became limited.

However, requests for more information, particularly about Roman dress, continued to mount, and at last, I feel that the Villa is beginning to take shape, though at this point, it could probably use a few coats of paint on the plaster

If you would like to write me, please feel free to do so. I've changed my e-mail address because of the volumes of unsolicited spam, so take down my new address:

julillasempronia at mac dot com